Concierge Services

Making everyday life, just a little simpler.

When life gets overwhelming and your to-do list expands beyond what you can handle, relax. We’re just a call away.

HDT Concierge Services is your best friend, personal assistant, driver and more. In fact, we can be just about anything you need us to be.

Powered by the environmentally-conscious HDT e6 electric car, your personal concierge will show up at your home, place of work, or just about anywhere else on the island.

Need a taste of what we can help you with?

  1. Taking your children safely to and from school (parents will be notified via SMS when their child reaches school/home)
  2. Helping old folks and/or disabled persons with their transportation needs.
  3. Taking your pet to the vet
  4. Running errands such as deliveries
  5. Handling simple administrative tasks

All our drivers/concierge service professionals are fully trained and excel at providing prompt, reliable service.

For enquiries and booking requests