Why advertise with HDT?

  1. High exposure rate, with multiple vehicle types travelling to all reaches of Singapore.
  2. HDT vehicles run 24/7, maximising brand recognition as your brand will be seen and recognised at all times of the day (and night).
  3. Create a strong, positive association between your brand and Singapore’s green efforts.
  4. Strong media coverage across different media platforms in Singapore, thanks to our reputation as the country’s first (and best) electric vehicle provider

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Maximise brand recognition with 24/7 exposure around Singapore’s roads.

Have your brand seen around the streets of Singapore in our environmentally-conscious cars, taxis and buses. Be synonymous with our nation’s efforts to go electric, and stand behind a common vision of creating a cleaner, greener country that’s fuelled by renewable energy.

As Singapore’s premier electric vehicle company, our business and vehicles receive strong media coverage across various platforms, including print and TV.

Vehicle advertising (e6 cars, taxis and eBuses)

  1. Full wrap: Advertising covering the sides andrear of the vehicle
  2. Super side: Advertising on both sides of the vehicle

In-vehicle entertainment systems

  1. Video advertisements (of between 30 to 45 seconds each) playing on in-vehicle entertainment screens

Other advertising spaces

  1. Poster advertisements on the back of passenger seats
  2. Brand messaging on receipts
  3. Night Light LED advertisement

For enquiries and to learn more about HDT’s strategic partnerships