BYD Hand Antiseptic Rinse Free Gel (500ml)

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BYD Care Hand Antiseptic Rinse Free Gel (500ml)



  • Effective against pathogens & bacteria
  • Moisturizing on skin
  • No alcohol irritation


Dosage form: Gel

Main Ingredients & Percent: Ethanol, 66% – 74%

Flavour: Orange & Grapefruit

Usage: Use for hygienic hand antiseptic

Directions: Release antiseptic liquid onto hands, Massage liquid into hands evenly for 1 min



    • For external only, no oral, keep out of reach of children;
    • Avoid using with antagonists
    • Use with caution if allergic
    • Should be sealed and keep away from light and moisture, keep in a cool and dry place
    • Flammable, keep away from flames
    • After unseal, tighten the cap and use it within the validity period


Certification: GB 27950–2011